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IT Recruitment & Payroll Services

IT Recruitment & Payroll Services In kuala lumpur : Mechamal is a premier staffing agency that offers flexible staffing options nationwide. We help our clients increase their workforce for increased productivity and greater company effectiveness. With our industry expertise, consultative customer service and innovative staff solutions, Mechamal ensures that your company receives the highest quality staffing service.

As a IT Recruitment & Payroll services in kuala lumpur. We offer contract-to-hire and direct placement options to quickly increase and decrease your staffing levels if seasonal, cyclical, or financial upheavals are required.

Direct Placement

Through the services of our direct placement staff, Mechamal takes on the responsibility of finding and testing candidates so that you can focus on what you do best managing and growing your business. By working with experts at Mechamal, you can confidently rely on professional recruiters who have the skills, expertise, and access to a wide variety of IT recruiting resources to choose the perfect employee hand selected for you.

Contract Staffing

Mechamal Contract Staff Services give you the opportunity to meet short-term business needs with competent and qualified employees. To meet seasonal needs, support upcoming projects or reduce the workforce during slow business cycles, companies rely on Mechamal’s contract staff services. Hiring candidates on a contract basis allows your organization to maintain proper staffing levels and meet business goals, while reducing employee-related costs.


Mechamal's contract-to-hire placement services allow our clients to benefit from the temporary services of a temporary staffing agency, but with the option of hiring an employee permanently. This way, you will notice that the employee on the job is the right fit for his or her position and organization. Once the contract period is over, you can hire an employee on a permanent basis.

Payroll Services

Even if you have a few thousand employees or just a few, Mechamal can serve your payroll needs. We offer the same world class customer service to our clients to provide the same facilities, features and benefits of national payroll companies at a very low cost. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professionals are ready to answer any payroll question you need to provide the highest quality and personalized service.

We remove the payroll processing burden from you as Mechamal payroll services has these options and more:

  • Potential previewing a potential employee. Bring in new talent, but assess their qualifications, skills and business value before hiring them and adding them to their own payroll system.
  • Transfer the current employee payroll. To help you reduce your job liability and fixed overhead costs, transfer your current employee payroll to us.

Mechamal payroll services include the following:

  • New hire reporting.
  • Online payroll processing.
  • Direct deposit or live checks.
  • Full-service payroll tax services, including compliance and reporting.

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